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Individuals and Small Businesses

You are not just a number in the crowd.  You have specific needs and wants that require our full attention.  We make every effort to not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations.


Because we are an H & R Block franchise, we file all individual tax returns.  Some of the more in-depth returns are listed below.


We know firsthand how hard farmers work since the owner's husband, Wayne Snelgrove, farmed for many years.  That same hard work goes into fleshing out tax benefits for farmers.


Bring in your tax dirt and grime and leave our office with all your ducks in a row.


Anyone who has gone through a foreclosure knows it is not a pretty road to travel.  The last thing on one's mind is the tax implications that come with a foreclosure.


Rest assured that our office has competent and caring tax specialists that will take care of your taxes while you take care of your family.

Sole Proprietorship

Small businesses and start ups have busy lives keeping the business on track.  Dealing with the tax implications of a business should not be a place to spend your time.


We have highly qualified tax specialists that will search out every area for tax deductions for you.  And if you need help with bookkeeping, we are able to help.  See our page for businesses services.


A minister's return is a very complicated return.  However, our clergy tax specialist are able to identify areas to help ministers get the most from the IRS regulations regarding clergy taxes.


You will leave knowing you have every deduction available to you, and insight on how to make the most of it through the coming year.

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