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Business Services

Running a business is no small feat.  We know all too well what it takes to keep the day-to-day operations on task, on time and in order. We offer many services to help you keep your mind on what is important to you.  From bookkeeping to payroll, to state and federal filings.  We keep it all on task and on time so you don't have to.


Sales, sales and sales.  Without it your business wouldn't be in business.

We take care of all of your bookkeeping needs. We care about keeping you up-to-date so you know how your business is doing. 


Bookkeeping, posting transactions after-the-fact, reconciling accounts, Profit & Loss reports and Balance Sheet reports.  We can do it all.



Business Tax Returns

We are qualified to handle corporations, partnerships, farms, and estates and trusts tax returns.


Most tax specialists in our office have been with us for over 10 years and are adept at researching and analyzing data for the best tax deductions.




Payroll can be labor intensive.  We know how to do it and do it well. These services are brokendown by segments, and it is the client's choice how many or few services they want to include.  Listed below are just some of them:


  • Employee payroll using Direct Deposit

  • Tax Deposits (941, 940, UCT-6)

  • Quarterly and yearly reports

  • Worker's Compensation and New Hire reports


Tax Strategies

With and Enrolled Agentand a Certified Financial Planning professionals in our office, we are able to give advice to businesses on way to increase deduction and/or decreast  tax.


We are also able to help with planning in many areas of business, such as cash flow, liability planning and retirement planning.

Non Profits

There are many restrictions on non profits whether it is bookkeeping or tax filings.


We are able to handle bookkeeping, payroll and tax filings for non profits.  

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